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Anorexia and Pneumonia killed Brittany Murphy


Brittany Murphy in her healthier days

Just two short days after her death, while her family, friends and fans were saddened and mourning by the unexpected and shocking passing of 32-year-old Brittany Murphy, her half brother Jeff Bertolotti angrily accusing Tinsel Town’s unrealistic physical ideal for playing its in part in her physical deterioration.

People come into the town with their dreams and get chewed up alive and those who make it get chewed up alive anyway. And that’s what happened to Brittany,” he told People Magazine.

Her appearance towards her final days was horrendous; the naturally pretty actress looking emaciated and gaunt, was accompanied by remarks from Bertolotti about her eating disorders and that it was the pressure around Hollywood to stay thin which contributed to her illness and eventual death.

Initial autopsy reports claimed there was no foul play involved and that her body looked “normal”, but following the autopsy many reverted to the theory of anorexia having an adverse effect.

Brittany Murphy showing signs of weight loss
Brittany Murphy showing alarming signs of weight loss

Famous as the chubby girl in the 1990s hit movie ‘Clueless’, Brittany reportedly did everything she could to distance herself from that image. A friend told “She wore extraordinary amounts of make-up, tons of fake eyelashes, got her teeth capped, dyed her hair blonde, lost weight – she wanted to be a beauty. She didn’t want to be the fat girl from ‘Clueless’. She didn’t eat a lot. She would drink copious amounts of coffee.”

While another friend confirmed the actress had “insane self-image issues”, Brittany always maintained she led a healthy lifestyle and never did drugs.

I am a bit thinner now than what I would like to be,” she told Fox News at a red carpet event where she looked stick thin and weak. She maintained that her body was a result of ballet classes.

Despite her own claims that she didn’t take drugs her death was ruled an accident as a result of pneumonia, anaemia (from malnourishment), drugs and alcohol after she collapsed at her home. It is reported that she hadn’t been taking care of herself and was not taking her medication for diabetes.

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