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Kim Richards checks into rehab


Kim Richards

The makers of reality TV show the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills knew what they were doing as the show’s season finale is making all the headlines this morning. And especially where Kim Richards is concerned.

‘The most shocking episode yet’, according to the media involves sisters Kim and Kyle Richards having a huge bust up that results in Kim checking in to rehab.

The fight started at a birthday party and soon escalated into a booze-fueled sisterly bust up, as the stars’ husbands watched in shock as the events unfolded. Of course, this is great television if you’re a fan of reality TV, although all it really proves is that the celebrity lives so many viewers covet are no different to the average Joe.

Reality TV seems to stop people feeling the need to live their own lives. They get the excitement, the highs and the lows from watching the poor puppets on the screen. Surely Kim Richards is under a lot of pressure living in that goldfish bowl, no wonder she has developed problems.

Our lives are ours to live, not to waste away in front of a TV screen getting worked up over this celebrity marriage, or that celebrity rehab case. Kim Richards may well deserve all she gets; she put herself on the auctioning block, sold her soul to the devil as it were.

OK, so if you don’t like it don’t watch it; but these days it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid this kind of nonsense.

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