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Jessica White positive despite cocaine overdose


Jessica White

Despite a cocaine overdose and a pending assault charge, Jessica White is counting her blessings and still managing to look at life in a positive way.

Right now she’s happy with the way her life is going, “I’m living out every girl’s dream,” says the former model. And with a starring role in the video for Kelly Rowland’s latest single, the forthcoming launch of her skincare range, a docu-series she’s currently filming for Oxygen, and her proudest venture, The Angel Foundation, a women’s philanthropic organization, it’s no surprise White is feeling optimistic, despite the looming trial.

“I never denied getting into an altercation,” White says. “But people painted me to be the bad girl, which was 110 percent false.” She maintains it was an act of self-defense. “I was flagging a cab, and she came from behind me and pushed me. I didn’t strike her until she hit me in the face. I don’t lash out at innocent people.”

White further reports that the incident was definitely not a backlash from her split with actor and director Sean Penn and that she in fact abhors violence in all its forms. Having been the victim and witness of abusive relationships stretching back to her childhood she prefers to live a peaceful, harmonious life.

By the age of 20 White had overdosed but the harsh reality of drug addiction helped her see the truth of things and through that experience she was able to move on with her life.

“I was going to lose everything. [I saw my] whole life flash before me. But I was lucky, because I came face to face with evil, and it wasn’t something I liked seeing.”

Her story took a much more positive turn after a few months recuperation and she worked hard to mend the bridges she felt she’d burned through overuse of cocaine. She turned to her mother for help and now, free of drugs, sees her as her best friend.

“I truly am living out what true joy and happiness means, I’m in the best place possible.”

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