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Dog The Bounty Hunter is lame


Reality TV star Duane Chapman who portrays Dog The Bounty Hunter was rushed into hospital over the weekend with a blood clot behind his knee. He apparently damaged his ligaments while kicking a door down.

The injury is known as Biceps Femoris Tendon Avulsion and occurs when the knee is subjected to extreme and fast bending such as when sprinting, especially when the athlete is tired or has not warmed up properly.

There are two muscles which connect to the knee, the long head and the short head. It is usually the long head which gets torn from the knee and causes internal bleeding and heavy swelling which are the symptoms described by the hapless bounty hunter.

The very worst cases of this cause bone fragments to penetrate the skin which can be extremely difficult to treat. Luckily for Chapman it seems that his case is not as bad as first thought.

Treatment depends on the severity of the injury but in Dog’s case some rest followed by strengthening exercises and deep tissue massage should have him out and about collecting dollars for criminals and kicking down doors again in no time.

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