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Dexter star Michael C. Hall free from cancer


It was back on October 1st, 2006 when the world first caught a glimpse of Dexter, an emotionally bankrupt serial killer with enough of a conscience to avoid slaughtering the innocent.  Able to cover his tracks thanks to his foster father’s expert guidance, and the knowledge he has obtained as a forensic officer for Miami Metro Police Department, he is able to profile and dispose of his victims without leaving a single trace of evidence.

Since then the show has rocketed to the top of the ratings charts, completing 4 seasons so far, and with season 5 episode 3 having just aired it’s worth remembering that actor Michael C. Hall would not have been able to carry on working were it not for the support of his wife Jennifer Carpenter (who plays his foster sister “Deb” in the TV series), his doctors and good wishes from his fans.

On January 13th 2010 Hall was diagnosed as having a treatable form of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a strain of cancer which targets the lymph nodes.  Fellow cast members had no idea at the time as he never let on that he was ill.  Hall had a fear of doctors since a childhood hernia operation.

Hall won a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award earlier this year which he accepted in person, wearing a knitted cap to cover his bald head after successful chemotherapy.

On April 5th, much to the relief of fans and fellow stars, his wife broke the news that he had fully recovered from the cancer and was ready to begin filming season 5, which is now well under way.

Please share your thoughts about Dexter or Micheal C. Hall’s recovery from cancer.  Have you watched season 5?  How does it compare to previous seasons?

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