Demi Lovato’s dad warns dancer not to take legal action for alleged bust-up

Alex Welch, the dancer who was on the receiving end of an alleged punch from Disney star Demi Lovato, has met with lawyers about the incident and is “considering legal action”, TMZ reports.

Now Demi Lovato’s dad, Patrick, is warning the the dancer not to sue his daughter. “She won’t win,” he told RadarOnline. “Demi has really good lawyers and so does Disney, this girl shouldn’t sue.”
After a concert in early November, Demi and a “very small group” went out for a night of partying and “when tour management found out about this,” a source told People, “they talked to the people involved, including Demi. Demi reacted badly and perceived that someone on tour had told on her.”

When Demi had reason to believe that this snitching someone was one of her female dancers, she lost control and broke out into a physical fight with her the following day on a flight.

And according to reports, Demi has also gone off the rails with some excessive drug consumption. A so-called friend told RadarOnline that he saw the troubled star snorting line after line at a party: “Demi was belligerent, being slutty and doing coke all over the house. The guy who hosted the party shot multiple videos of this and what I’ve seen with my eyes, Demi is screaming, ‘F**k all of you, I’m famous, I don’t care what any of you think of me the whole world loves me.’ He shot her in the bathroom as she was finishing a line (of cocaine).”

Demi was only sixteen when she achieved celebrity status, and as we have seen with the public meltdowns of high profile stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, being under the limelight and constant scrutiny of the media can take its toll.

Eating disorders and self-mutilation are often used to help the individual cope with, block out, and release troubling feelings and emotions. Drink and drug problems often also come into play.

Demi has been in a treatment center since October and according to her father “she is so strong and  she is getting better every day.” He went on to tell RadarOnline that Walsh is only looking to sue his daughter because she his after her money.

“Demi is so successful and and she has plenty of money, that’s why this girl would be going after her,” Patrick insisted. “She wouldn’t do this if Demi wasn’t famous.”

Do you think Welch stands a chance up against Demi and her powerful lawyers, or would she best of to take heed of Patrick’s words of warning and steer clear of court?

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7 thoughts on “Demi Lovato’s dad warns dancer not to take legal action for alleged bust-up

  1. Ah, so Alex should not sue because Disney and Demi have big time lawerys ? So a person who is beat up on the job should hide away and has no rights?

    Does this mean that any Disney star gets to act as badly as they want to and to abuse anyone who works with them.. cause they are more powerful than the poor folk who work for them?

    Sounds like the basis of a very good law suit for me.
    Wow… really?

  2. Good grief you, CWD, cannot even get Alex’s name right.. It’s ‘WELH” NOT ‘WALSH”.

  3. I think if the story is rily true, demi should just apologise instead of making a case or instead of her father coming out to brag, cos this will only worsen the situation. i think good role models should know when to say sorry even when they feel they are right, or IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK????

  4. i wanna see this recording of demi ……… exactly bet it doesnt exsist
    i wish demi could just tell everyone wat happened so we dont hav to listen to crap rumours : (

    I LOVE DEMI : )

  5. You know a lot of you guys don’t really like to think about things before you say them now do you? Do you guys even know HOW the law game works? Alex has to prove with reasonable doubt that she is owed the amount she chooses for her restitutions. She has to PROVE that she is owed a certain amount for her troubles and for her legal fees. Which she probably will get a reasonable number out of court. Most likley this will be settled out of court with her and Demi’s lawyers. But I can tell you right now it’s not going to be for millions. It’s not going to be anywhere NEAR a millions. So for all you mentally inept individuals out there who thinks that BgirlShorty just won the fucking lottery, think again.

    Disney didn’t get to where they are right now just because they give into blackmail. They are a company that knows HOW to play the game and they are a company that has all the angles figured out. As douchy and as much of a-hole Patrick lovato is, he’s not wrong. Demi is with Disney, a company that has an entire TEAM of lawyers at their defense trained for situations like this one. And if this girl does decide to go or a lawsuit then she better be prepared for battle. Demi has a powerful PR team that can make Alex look REALLY bad as well as group of people who can dig up dirt on the young dancer. Or if they need to fabricate something and make it stick. They will say that Demi has completed a stint at her rehab center along with a certificate from her doctor saying that she is completed the necessary needs FOR said treatment and has made a full recovery. Sure alex will probably try and do the samething to get her unreasonable amount. But so will the other team.

    If alex does decide to press charges, it will most likely be a civil lawsuit. If Alex decides to press civil charges (and thats all it can be, civil) then she is entitled to her medical fees( which is like nothing for a black eye) her legal monies, as well as the reasonable amount for the trauma she suffered. Which isn’t a lot but none the less she must have suffered SOME trauma. There’s no way she’s going to get her millions even if she has “dirt” on Demi. Demi has enough fans to back her up for a comeback if she chooses to. She’s had two huge movies out for disney, as well as two huge successful albums that were released. She has enough popularity and notorrity to garner a second comeback. She’s not gonna just hand her hard earned millions over to someone who is just trying to milk her for cash. All Demi has to do is just take a year off and do what she wants to do, come back in a year at some event, announce that she has another album and is doing some charity thing and she’ll be back on top. Give an interview telling people what she’s learned how she has learned her lesson and telling people that “what I did was wrong and it shouldn’t be emulated and I am very sorry for what happened.” and she’s back in the public eye as a celebrity.

    Alex Welch on the other hand has no popularity and has MUCH more to lose in the long run. Outside of America’s best dance crew, she’s literally a nobody. She can’t afford to have dirt on her hands. Being it true or not, she can’t afford it. She’s not popular enough to garner a “Comeback” not to mention she runs the risk of getting blackballed from the entertainment industry. I will admit though, Alex is entitled to an apology. She deserve that much as well as a reasonable amount of restitution. And when Demi is released from her rehab stint, she should definitely apologize. OR even issue a written apology telling Alex how sorry she is and how she wants to make it up to her. But that and only that. I see no reason why she should get an ungodly amount of money. And she won’t. She’ll get a reasonable amount and she will get her apology and that will be that.

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