Debbie Flores-Navaez still missing

31 year old dancer, Debora “Debbie” Flores-Narvaez, is still missing since her disappearance on 12th December, 2010.

The cast member of Luxor’s Fantasy show, has not been seen since she left her home in Las Vegas at around 7 pm on 12th December. Police are continuing to follow leads and question people she worked or socialised with, but 8 days on there have been no sightings of her.

Flores-Narvaez’s car, a dark red ’97 Chevrolet Prism, was found parked in the north east section of the city and according to reports the Maryland license plates were missing.

Debbie Flores-Narvaez was born in Puerto Rico and lived with her family in Baltimore, Md., before relocating to Vegas 2 years ago in order to pursue a career in dancing and performing arts.

Prior to her move, and according to her Facebook page, the accomplished performer worked as an “ambassador” for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders in 2007 and 2008. She also auditioned for the hit TV series So You Think You Can Dance.

With her whereabouts still unknown, the last sighting police have to work with was when she left home to visit her ex-boyfriend Jason “Blu” Griffith. After failing to return home for 2 days and missing rehearsals for Fantasy, one of her roommates contacted the police to report her missing.

Deon Ridley, a close friend of Flores-Narvaez said he was very worried because it’s not like her to miss work, especially as it means so much to her.

“Her not showing up to her job and her show, which I know means a lot to her, is just unusual,” said a worried Ridley, “It’s not like her at all.”

Ridley was a colleague of Flores-Narvaez for almost three years and he described her as a very reliable character. The nature of her career has added to his worries as she has had troubles with obsessive fans in the past, as well as problematic relationships.

“Being in the industry that she’s in, being in a burlesque show, it’s very risqué for any female in Las Vegas. Her safety is very important,” said Ridley.

Asia Bosley, a close friend of the family said of Flores-Navaez, “She is so kind hearted, she would give the shirt off her back for anybody.”

Police in Las Vegas are asking for any useful information which may lead to finding Debbie, or give a clue as to why she went missing.

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