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Davinia Taylor opens up about ordeal with alcohol and prenatal depression


Davinia Taylor recently spoke about her ordeal with alcohol and prenatal depression. According to, the beautiful blonde millionairess, who had a successful acting stint in Hollyoaks, opened up about the nightmarish suffering she endured after losing custody of her three-year-old child.

Considering that phase her lowest point in life, she said that she felt as if she was buried alive in her own head and that she constantly craved a drink. She explains that while she was in the seventh month of her pregnancy, she often used to smash things around her and broke out in violent outbursts. Soon she was diagnosed with pre-natal depression. However, the trauma continued even after she delivered the baby.

As reported by, the actress revealed that “The baby had all the features I didn’t want from both of us. The baby wasn’t mine”. She added, ‘Trying to breast-feed gave me such a creepy feeling. It made me feel sick. I was thinking, don’t touch me, get off me, give me a glass.” The condition worsened after she once dropped the baby. “I screamed for the nanny. I thought, I’m not even fit to hold this child, I’m not a decent mum”.The incident prompted her to finally check her into rehab.

Today Davinia Taylor is something of a health freak and she is determined to stay away from booze.

Celebrities who have battled postpartum depression include Brooke Shields, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.


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