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David Hasselhoff rushed to hospital after booze binge


The Thanksgiving weekend proved to be a trying period for the Hasselhoff family. Not only did Pamela, the mom, get arrested for DUI, David, a known alcoholic, was rushed to hospital for alleged blood poisoning. Yet again.

Gossip website claims to have the original 911 tape Hasselhoff’s terrified daughter made on November 27.

“My dad just … he’s collapsed,” Hayley, who is 17, says. “He’s standing up but he keeps falling back down … But then he got back up and he’s fine. It’s kind of scaring me.”

Hasselhoff was reportedly taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, and was kept there for observation for two days.

David, who shot to fame as Michael Knight in the hit 1980s TV show ‘Knight Rider’ and continued to enjoy success with the lead of Mitch Buchanan in ‘Baywatch’ has fallen from grace – not once, but over and over again. His strange and erratic behavior when drunk has been well documented by the media over the years.

His latest stint comes only months after he was hospitalized for binge drinking, and only two years after his daughter posted a drunken video of him on YouTube in a desperate plea to make her father understand he needs help.

His battle with alcoholism has raged for several years now. Because Hasselhoff hasn’t sought professional help, it could very well go on for many more.


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