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David Hasselhoff checks into hospital


David Hasselhoff has checked himself into a Los Angeles hospital after yet another booze binge. His 17-year-old daughter reportedly took the 57-year-old ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘Baywatch’ star to the hospital.

David has made media headlines many times over in the last few years with his binges, though he continuously denies having an alcohol problem.

“I’m sure he’ll try to deny it this time, too,” quotes a source as saying. “And that’s sad, because it’s his daughter who is suffering when she has to take care of him after a bender.”

His daughters have often suffered under his alcohol abuse, with one of them even filming him when completely wasted, and publishing the video on YouTube. But it’s not only David who has an alcohol problem; their mother Pamela was recently arrested and jailed for DUI.

This is also not David’s first hospitalization after a binge; as recently as a few months ago he entered a hospital during a trip to the UK.

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