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David Crosby had a liver transplant


David Crosby underwent a liver transplant in 1995. The musician part of the Crosby, Stills & Nash trio was taken to hospital in November with suspected liver failure. This is thought to have come as a result of years worth of drug and alcohol abuse. Crosby was heavily addicted to heroin and cocaine and hit a low point in 1982 when he was imprisoned on drug and weapons charges in Texas.

After a seven-hour operation, Dr. Ronald W. Busuttil, Crosby’s surgeon and director of the Dumont-UCLA Liver Transplant Center at UCLA Medical Center said: “I was pleased with the way Mr. Crosby’s surgery proceeded,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

“As with all transplant patients, we will watch his progress closely for several days and I am optimistic that he will do well,” Busuttil added.

David Crosby was heavily addicted to alcohol and drugs

Crosby is also said to suffer from obesity and diabetes. He is regularly treated with insulin to manage his disease.

However, his various health conditions have not stopped David Crosby from performing. Crosby, Stills & Nash have recently announced the second leg of their US tour in the summer of 2010.

Other celebrities who have suffered from diabetes include Bret  Michaels, Dick Clark, Brittany Murphy and Casey Johnson.

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