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David Beckham vows to fight libel case rejection


David Beckham has made it clear he will contest the decision to his libel suit claim against an American magazine, which accused him of illicit meetings with a prostitute.

As one of the most famous footballers in the world he is under constant scrutiny by the press, but since the disastrous lash at Diego Simeone in the 1998 World Cup he has cleaned his act up considerably and become a great role model for young people.

The £15m libel case revolves around a report by In Touch magazine who said the former England and Manchester United footballer paid a prostitute, 26 year old Irma Nici, and another unnamed brunette £1,800 for sex at a New York hotel.

Their allegations were the first in a long line of rumours which sullied his name and last September he gave his lawyers the go ahead to begin legal proceedings in America.

The Los Angeles federal court rejected the libel claim, stating that Nici had the right to free speech and that In Touch had not acted maliciously towards him. Despite her story being a potential work of fiction, she is entitled by law to make such claims.

One of Beckham’s spokespersons said: “Bauer have not provided one shred of evidence to support the claim. Unfortunately, the US legal system requires us to show that the magazine acted maliciously. Any knowledgeable person knows this story not to be true. The decision will be appealed.”

They also said that Bauer Publishing had tried to make sure the case didn’t go to England where the Libel system would have stood in his favour.

From then on the whole affair became a tennis match between lawyers, with Nici’s people claiming a counter suit for personal injury caused by Beckham’s people hounding her to serve a writ, and Beckham continuing to fight against indicrepancies in the magazine’s article.

Judge Manuel Real told Beckham that the case would not go ahead because public interest in his personal life came with the territory and that Ms. Nici was “constitutionally entitled” to say whatever she liked, true or not.

The judge did however accept that David had pointed to several inaccuracies in the magazine’s reporting and that on the occasions he was supposed to be with Nici, he had proof that he was elsewhere.

This is what happens when you marry a ‘pop’ star and kick balls for a living.

Please share your thoughts on this case. Has Beckham cheated on his wife or is Irma Nici a fame seeker? Tell us by leaving a comment.

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