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Daryl Hannah Arrested!


I used to hate Daryl Hannah, I thought she was a big wet pile of pissy girl blanket only useful for playing long birds with diluted personalities in crap 80s films.

So when I found out she was a naughty environmentalist that did pesky stuffs at rallies and protested against environmental wrongness etc, I was delighted but disappointed that I had one less celebrity to hate. Still, plenty more smelly crap fish in the shit celebrity ocean.

Hannah, the pesky protester is in the news today having got herself arrested (again) and led away in handcuffs from outside the White House, it seems for participating in a protest to oppose the laying of a dirty great pipeline between Canada and the gulf coast in Texas. The largest in the country apparently.

Daryl Hannah - arrested

The star, most famous for her be-patched role in Kill Bill and be-scaled role in Splash told NBC reporters “Sometimes, it’s necessary to sacrifice your freedom for a greater freedom – and we want to be free from the horrible death and destruction that fossil fuels cause, and have a clean energy future,” shortly before being arrested. Later she was released after paying a hefty fine of one hundred bucks.

The lobbyist is known more for her advocacy of green living than her film career these days and has been arrested in the past twice already for her lobbying antics. Firstly in 2006, when she chained herself to a walnut tree in order to support farmers in LA and later in 2009, when in a bid to oppose strip mining, she participated in a sit-in in West Virginia.

Well done Daryl Hannah. In a sea of pretty ugly celebrities using every opportunity to self promote, it is refreshing to see someone using their celebrity status to further a cause and not because their new album/book/film is coincidentally about due for release.

Other celebrities who don’t mind speaking up for causes they believe in, despite the consequences include Morrissey – who upset everyone in the world recently.

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