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Danielle Lloyd back to her svelte self two months after delivering baby


Danielle Lloyd has embarked on a mega health regime of her wedding and her determination really shows: it’s difficult to believe that the former glamor model model gave birth just recently. According to, the 26-year-old has lost her pregnancy flab in less than two months and is still keeping up with her diet vows to shape up for the big day, which is just a little over four weeks away.

The British model looked picture perfect in a skin-tight Herve Leger dress at Pixie Lott’s fashion launch. Before getting dolled up for Pixie’s do, she managed to take out some time to have some fittings for her bridal gown. She tweeted “Just been for another wedding dress fitting. So excited, can’t wait for it to start coming together – its going to fly. Only 38 weeks to go! lol.” After the bash the bride-to-be couldn’t resist stopping off for a calorie-laden bite to eat, “Nearly home to my son miss him so much stopping for a chicken sheesh on the way bloody starving,” she tweeted. It’s good to see that she isn’t being to hard on herself!

Other celebrities who have recently given birth  include Jodie Sweetin, Rachel Drach, Stephanie Waring and Catherine Bell.


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