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Courtney Love was left embarrassed because of her smoking addiction


There are a large number of smokers who believe that smoking is going to keep them thin. People who smoke are more likely – statistically – to be obese or overweight. There are smokers will continue smoking even after having the full information about the ill effects of cigarettes.

Courtney Love, an American rock musician, actress, lead singer and lyricist for the rock band “Hole” was ordered by her doctors to quit her smoking habit after her tests revealed that she has nodules lining her throat. She was reportedly a chain smoker and a magazine once reported that she chain-smoked even during photo sessions.

The media junkie finally decided to quit smoking after the nodules were discovered. Nodules are often a precursor to throat cancer. She was even warned by her doctors that if she continued with her addiction she would be forced to undergo surgery. The former Hole singer was concerned that giving up smoking might lead to her gaining weight.

After the orders from the doctors, she wrote in her website: “I’m going thru hell trying to cut back on smoking.” She added: “I’m down to a pack a day from two, but it’s a pain and each fight of the urge is a little mini war.”

Cigarettes have not only harmed her health, but also put her in many embarrassing situations. Love, who is famous also for her two-year marriage to the late Nirvana singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain, was not allowed to board an aircraft as she lit up a cigarette in a Virgin Airways first-class lounge in 2008 while she and daughter Frances Bean waited for their flight to London. She was barred from getting on the aircraft and the pair had to wait for another flight.

According to, Courtney said of the event: “I had a cigarette in the first-class lounge – like two hits or so. In addition, they would not let me on the plane with my daughter. They made out I was a terrorist or something. It was embarrassing.”

The singer also admitted that she desired to quit smoking for her daughter. Now it remains to be seen whether she can give up smoking, once and for all.

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