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Controversial model makeover: Pepsi launches skinny can during New York Fashion Week


Pepsi’s new skinny can sounds innocent enough, but when you read the accompanying press release, coupled with the fact that the design was debuted at the New York Fashion Week, a darker side becomes immediately apparent. And it’s making people angry.

“In celebration of beautiful, confident women, Diet Pepsi presents the taller, sassier new Skinny Can…, ” the press release begins. BNET journalist Jim Edwards is one of countless people who has slammed the sleek can, saying: “Got that, fat chicks, Pepsi is celebrating tall and skinny soda/women because that’s what’s confident and stylish.”

Although he sees the merits of the redesign, such as for instance distinguishing it from a Diet Coke and being able to fit more in the door of your fridge, what really raises his heckles is “tying the can to an event with a history of favoring women whose body types are unusual at best and so unhealthy as to be fatal at worst. Not smart. Makes the old can look like your fat friend.”

Complaints are flying in left, right and center. The National Eating Disorders Association, for instance,  said it takes offense to the can and said the company’s comments are both “thoughtless and irresponsible”. And Twitterers across the globe are  expressings their outrage at the new design, with many threatening to boycott the sugar-laden drink.

PropelYourBrand said: “Guess they didn’t get the ‘the models are too skinny’ memo.”

Beyondchoc added: “Pepsi compares being ‘skinny’ with celebrating ‘beautiful, confident women’ Wish I drank Pepsi just so I could boycott them!”

Are you offended by the new skinny can? Do you think equating “skinny” with “beautiful and confident” is a message in bad taste? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a message here.

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