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Colin Farrell talks about his son's life with Angelman Syndrome


Colin Farrell with his son James

Hollywood heart-throb, Colin Farrelrecently appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman where among the subjects under discussion were his involvement in the remake of Fright Night‘ and a surprisingly frank and honest talk about his first son, James, who suffers with a condition commonly known as Angelman Syndrome [AS].

Angelman Syndrome is a neuro-genetic disorder that affects 1 in 15,000 births, this according to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation Inc website, and it is frequently wrongly diagnosed because it shares similar traits to other disorders such as cerebral palsy or autism.

Colin Farrell’s son, James, suffers with Angelman Syndrome


The syndrome is characterised by the inability to speak, balancing disorders, seizures and retarded development and anyone suffering with the disorder will require full-time care throughout their life.
James started having seizures really early,” Farrell said, adding that it was his son’s sunny disposition that helped doctors diagnose the illness.

It was actually when a doctor saw how happy he was; he was like, ‘Does he always smile this much?’ ” Farrell’s son is unable to speak, but the actor described him as “a really happy boy”.

I’ve in my life been around some children who are sick or suffering and to be honest my boy is doing really good,“

He also added that there wasn’t funding available for the condition, because it doesn’t benefit pharmaceutical companies (a sad indictment of the nefarious and corrupt pharmaceutical industry if ever there was one).

The star of Daredevil, Phonebooth, Miami Viceand In Brugesasked for the public to make donations to the organisation

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