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Cindy Crawford is glad she overcame her fear of Lasik surgery


After learning about Lasik and hearing many other celebrities had undergone it, former supermodel Cindy Crawford found it the best option for her. Before the surgery she had to wear glasses while driving and had great difficulty inserting contact lenses. She decided to have the surgery performed by celebrity eye surgeon, Dr. Maloney.

Expressing her happiness and initial fear about her Lasik surgery, Cindy said in her testimonial: “I’d been considering corrective vision surgery since I’d heard about the procedure, but of course, I was very nervous about it. I heard about Dr. Maloney from my agent, who had his vision corrected with great results. I got up my courage and scheduled an appointment. They were very patient and explained all my options. The procedure was painless and I can see so much clearer now. It’s great to wake up in the middle of the night and watch television without my glasses, and, best of all, I can drive without glasses or contacts. I would recommend it to anyone”.

The benefits of Lasik? There are many, Cindy says in her testimonial video. First off, she doesn’t have to bother with annoying contact lenses, which she says, she had great difficulty putting in. She also claims she really enjoys not having to wear glasses anymore, and loves the little things, like being able to watch TV clearly from her bed.

Cindy is now enjoying her improved life with no hassles of wearing glasses and contact lenses.

Other celebrities who have undergone Lasik include Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Michael Bolton and Tiger Woods.

Image: PR Photos

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