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Chupacabra – Alien, mutant, demon or hoax?


Chupacabra – legend or reality?

Vampires, werewolves and demons are the things of nightmares for humans. One bite from a vampire means death; drink its blood and you become eternally enslaved as its rotting ghoul, bound to do its evil bidding forever more. A scratch from a werewolf will make you part of the pack and who knows what demons can do?

While these legendary creatures were originally designed to scare remote populations into submissive control, generally by unscrupulous church and land owners, they continue to dominate Hollywood movies and bestselling bookshelves. A more bizarre creature has however quietly captivated the public’s imagination, with actual sightings and recovered corpses to back up claims.

Vampire, demon, alien or fiction? Chupacabras captivate the imagination.

The Chupacabra, or ‘goat sucker’, is a said to be a hairless dog type creature which drinks the blood of goats and lives a solitary and mysterious existence.

Animal mutilations in Central America have been attributed to this strange, short-tailed monster, and while some may believe it as truth, it seems the mythological beast is nothing more than a convenient distraction from a more reasonable theory – cruelty metered out by sick humans.

The mutilations were previously blamed on aliens and their UFOs, with the Chupacabra being cited as a visitor from another world.

The evidence on Chupacabras is thin and most cases have turned out to be hoaxes or mistaken identity cases, but one man in Goodyear has filmed a creature he believes to be a ‘goat sucker’.

Darrin Jackson shot the video of an unusual looking creature while driving his kids to school. He captured it on film running away from a local park.

“It was all grey, no hair on it at all, maybe just a little bit at the top, and it had this funny looking tail,” said an excited Jackson.

And Jackson is convinced that what he saw was a Chupacabra.

“It looks like an alien almost, so it’s hard to forget that image because it’s so weird looking and just to see it in broad daylight.”

He tracked the creature as it ran from the park to wards a grocery store car park where it passed through a gate before disappearing down a sewer drain.

What do you think, is this creature a dog or something from another world? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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