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Christina Aguilera shows off her curvier frame


Once famed for a lithe and toned body, of late Christina Aguilera has been sporting a curvier curvy frame. She was recently spotted at an event in Los Angeles, and according to, this is the singer at her biggest. Christina, who is busy filming a musical called Burlesque, is no stranger to yo-yo dieting and fans are used to seeing her weight go up and down. However, the surprising thing is that this time round it only talk the 29-year-old three months to pile on the kilos. Earlier this year, in January, Christina was photographed showing off a stick thin figure and a few months later in June she flaunted a perfect body when as she performed at the NBA finals.

As reported by, an industry insider revealed ‘It’s bizarre Christina has put on so much weight as she’s been doing lots of dancing and high energy work for Burlesque.’ The insider went on to add, ‘The whole movie is choreography and she was very active so I’m surprised she’s piled on the pounds so quickly’. Earlier in an interview the singer was quoted as saying that she finds food comforting. The star is currently at her heaviest, barring the time she was pregnant.

Other celebrities who have struggled with their weight include Anthony Hopkins, Drew Carey, Sarah Rue and Kelly Osbourne.


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