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Christina Aguilera seeks forgiveness for national anthem gaffe at Super Bowl XLV


Poor old NFL. They worked so hard to try and get things right this year, hiring the Black Eyed Peas to wow the fans at half time, adding legendary guitarist Slash and rap mogul Usher to the bill for good measure; and then comes along former dirty girl, Christina Aguilera to belt out the national anthem in her typical lung-busting style.

How could anything go wrong with such a great bunch of professionals on board? One way could be to get your lyrics for the national anthem from wikipedia.

Today Christina Aguilera has sought forgiveness for her major gaffe during the performance last night, as she sang the wrong words. After a small investigation into the source of her words, it turns out she used wikipedia to source and learn them. It just about proves the usefulness of wikipedia as a propaganda tool and changer of history, and definitely shows that the site can not be trusted for valid information.

So much for professionalism then, but in truth, there is no real harm done. For those who follow Aguilera and like her talent, their opinion won’t change, while for those who dislike or have no feelings towards her, all she has done is affirmed their feelings.

There’s a lesson in there for everyone though, and it’s not just that we shouldn’t trust wikipedia. There will always be hiccups in everything, and while the NFL have tried their utmost to make sure the Super Bowl XLV was perfect, only a few minor flaws occurred. If fans came away complaining about Aguilera’s slip up then they missed the point of the occasion, and by doing so have tarnished a great game between two NFL giants; won deservedly by the Green Bay Packers.

Aguilera is human just like the rest of us, and as such is flawed like the rest of us. At least she had the balls to get up there and sing for her country, so if she got a few words wrong because some idiot put the wrong lyrics on a useless website, then so be it.

No harm done.

Let us know your thoughts on Aguilera’s slip up; has she insulted America or was it an honest mistake? Leave a comment.

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