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Christ Koulis: Cause of death is a massive heart attack


Two days after the untimely death of Dr. Christ Koulis, it has been confirmed that he died from a massive heart attack.

Koulis, a 42 year old, former plastic surgeon died in the early hours of the morning on Saturday 18th December, at the Northwestern Hospital in Chicago.

Christ Koulis was found guilty of the death of Lesa Buchanan in 2007 and charged with unlawful negligence. He had provided her with illegal drugs on which she overdosed and subsequently died as a result.

Amongst the evidence given against Koulis was a video recording that showed  him injecting Buchanan with an unnamed substance. This helped to firm up the case against him, and even though he was on probation at the time of his girlfriend’s death he was given a suspended sentence of two years by the court which he was still to face pending an appeal decision.

Despite claims that he was confident of winning his appeal, Koulis’ lawyer, David Raybin, has told the press in a statement that the pressure he faced after allegations of murder could have led to the heart condition which killed him.

The absolute truth of the situation goes to the grave with Koulis, but the family of Buchanan will take little consolation from the death of the man that allegedly took her life, as nothing can bring her back.

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