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Chris Farley lived fast and died young


Chris Farley, to many, was one of the funniest men to ever grace the screen. Starting his high profile career with a regular spot on ‘Saturday Night Live’, he moved on to the movie industry, appearing in favorites like ‘Wayne’s World’ and starring in ‘Black Sheep’ and ‘Tommy Boy’.

Chris died aged 33 of a heart attack ensuing from an overdose of cocaine and morphine, CNN reported. He was found dead in a Chicago apartment. As per the medical reports, his arteries, supplying blood to the heart narrowed, leading to Coronary atherosclerosis, resulting from accumulation of fatty materials. This was a major factor contributing to his death, as affirmed by his autopsy report and death certificate.

The toxicology tests performed over him confirmed the presence of morphine and cocaine in his blood. As per the media reports, his blood tests also showed traces of other drugs like Prozac, Marijuana and antihistamine, but according to the autopsy, those drugs did not contribute to his death.

His body presented an enlarged heart, his lungs showed edema and his liver showed fatty change, when the autopsy was performed on him. CNN quotes the Cook County medical examiner as having said: “Both lungs showed edema and congestion, which is a common finding in opiate intoxication. The liver showed fatty change which is frequently seen in heavy drinkers.”

The comedian struggled hard against alcohol, drugs and eating too much throughout his life. According to Entertainment Weekly, Chris had tried to get help for his obesity and drug abuse a staggering 17 times.

In the months before his death, his decline in health was obvious. Appearing at events sweating profusely, flushed red, appearing exerted and slightly out of it at times, he became the subject for media scrutiny.

“I want to live fast and die young,” was the actor with the mischievous grin’s favorite line.

Comedian John Candy also died of a heart attack.

Other celebrities who have had heart problems include Robin WilliamsJennie GarthElizabeth Taylor,Larry King and Bill Clinton.


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