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Chris Evans’ wife nearly died during ectopic pregnancy


The British radio presenter has revealed that his wife almost died during an ectopic pregnancy this year.

Partner Natasha Shishmanian, a former professional golfer, was told by doctors that her life was at risk after complaining that she was suffering from stomach pains during the early stages of pregnancy.

BBC broadcaster Chris Evans said: “If they hadn’t have operated on her, she would have been dead, guaranteed, because she had internal bleeding.

“She was six to eight weeks pregnant and had stomach pains so we went to our local hospital. They scanned her on Monday night and they said ‘You’ve had a miscarriage. It’s fine.’ But the baby was still in there, stuck in the Fallopian tube, alive.

‘The Fallopian tube expanded as the baby continued to grow and then it burst. So we got her into the Cromwell [private hospital] at eight o’clock on a Wednesday night.

An operation was scheduled for first thing in the morning but our gynaecologist, Patricia, decided to do it straight away. She’d been at a dinner party. Anyway, it is a good job we did it. Otherwise that would have been it.”

Although the foetus did not survive, emergency medical treatment did save the life of 30-year-old Natasha and today the pair have a 19-month-old son called Noah, who 44-year-old Evans calls the “best little boy in the world”.

An ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy that occurs outside the womb, posing a deadly risk for mothers-to-be. It usually occurs in one of the fallopian tubes, although in less common cases it can also occur in the ovaries, stomach area or cervix. It is often not diagnosed until the situation is critical and the baby must then be removed surgically.

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