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Chloe Sevigny spends night in psycho killer’s haunted house


Chloe Sevigny is the latest guest at a bed and breakfast set up in the former house of alleged 19th century mentally ill murderer Lizzie Borden.

Sevigny is reportedly so obsessed with the notorious figure that she even insisted on sleeping in Borden’s old bed, TMZ reports.

The famous house in New England, which is said to be haunted, was the scene of a brutal attack in 1892 when Borden’s elderly father and stepmother were murdered in cold blood with nothing but a hatchet.

Sevigny even posed for photos in the same position as the corpse of Andrew Borden on the same sofa where the 70-year-old was found. Andrew’s wife Abby was found dead in the upstairs bedroom. Both had suffered fatal blows to the skull with a hatchet. The former’s eye-ball was split clean in two.

Although Borden was not convicted for the murders in the end, noone else was ever arrested under suspicion. Since then, the incident has become a part of American folklore and various theories have sprung up over the years in an attempt to explain the killings.

One such theory is that the household maid had committed the murders after being asked to clean the windows – a taxing job on a hot day – just one day after she had suffered from food poisoning. Another is that William Borden, Andrew’s illegitimate son, had killed the pair out of revenge after a failed attempt to extort money from his father.

The third theory however is more sinister. It claims that Borden suffered from absence seizures, also known as petit mals, whereby the sufferer just stares into space or even moves around without purpose, during her menstrual cycles. Lizzie was known to enter a fugue state – a rare psychiatric condition whereby the sufferer can lose all sense of self for hours, even days. During this time the individual sometimes undertakes unplanned travel and even assumes a new identity. After the episode, all old memories and traits return intact and all memory of the episode itself is erased. It is therefore possible that Borden could have committed the murders unknowingly.

Click here to see TMZ’s photos of Chloe Sevigny’s visit to the haunted house.

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