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Charlize Theron auctions herself to aid South African people


Have you ever fancied a date with Charlize Theron? While many men (and women) would love the opportunity to spend some quality time with the Hollywood gem, the actress put herself on the auction block and offered an evening in her company to the lucky winner.

The star of Monster, The Road and Sleepwalking surprised guests by offered herself as a prize at a fundraising event for her own charity, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project.  The fundraiser took place at The Darby restaurant in New York City on Monday 6th December, 2010.

Guests had been feverishly bidding away on a pair of Los Angeles Lakers basketball tickets when Theron decided to up the stakes by offering to accompany the highest bidder to the game.

And the lucky winner bagged the main prize of a night out with the delicious Theron for a mere $20,000. Some might call that a slam dunk.

All proceeds from the fundraising event will go directly to help children and communities in Theron’s native South Africa, where political turmoil and insurgencies make day to day living extremely difficult.

Indeed many people are forced to live in squat camps with inadequate facilities and are unable to afford health care or decent education, the result of which is a continual increase in petty crime; not to mention the staggering 50 murders a day that occur.

Hopes are that raising awareness will lead to improved quality of life for so many people who currently live below the poverty line.

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Other celebrities involved in fund or awareness raising include Jonathon Lipnicki, David Arquette, Alicia Keys, Bono and Kim Kardashian.


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