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Charlie Sheen's winning recipe for self-annihilation


The Sheen-machine just keeps on rolling to new destinations of craziness, and his latest offering is Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes. The former actor-turned-junkie-turned-self-professed-warlock is using his skills in the kitchen now, in a bid to be the first person ever to appear on all television networks.

The first thing that strikes you about Sheen is his pallor; the guy is grey and while he talks quickly and articulately it’s clear that he’s indulging in substances that he vehemently denies involvement with.

Booze and cocaine.

Sheen lacks both the verve and intelligence to compare with Thompson

OK so what he does with his life is up to him but the fact that he’s forcing himself into the media spotlight makes it all the more painful for the rest of us. He’s living in a bubble which is sure to burst anytime now.

The dialogue in his latest venture is reminiscent of a poor man’s Hunter S. Thompson circa Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but where Raul Duke was charismatic and amusing; Sheen is simply childish and vapid.

It’s become a daily occurrence almost; the Sheen circus in full swing like a vortex of mania swirling out of control as it feeds on everything around it in a bid to sustain an existence that it knows is ultimately doomed to collapse.

I’m sure there are people out there who appreciate what he’s doing, that find him funny or endearing but he is none of those things. He is a man out of control; encouraged to persist in chaotic actions by those around him – the parasites. Too many have admitted to making a profit from Sheen’s psychosis while on the other side his father, Martin Sheen is trying to help his visibly sick son.

It’s a lost cause and Sheen Jr’s sound bites and shenanigans are only building a portfolio to give the mental health authorities a water tight case against the human comet. That comparison is not a compliment; he isn’t a rare and wonderful phenomenon that creates mystery and excitement with its passing, but an anomaly which leaves a trail of destruction and mayhem behind it as it collides with everything in its path.

Surely the fire will burn out soon and should his life end unexpectedly you can be sure the media will turn from loathers to sympathizers in a heartbeat.

Not this one. For the record, let it be said that Sheen is an idiot, not a media martyr and that viewpoint will never change.

Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes from Charlie Sheen

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