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Charlie Sheen Shrugs Off Breakdown

Charlie Sheen smokes a celebratory cigar
Charlie Sheen looking cool before his meltdown

Charlie Sheen has been through his fair share of woes in the past few years and his social and mental demise between 2010 and 2011 was well documented by just about every news outlet on the planet.

After a failed attempt at a live touring show which left audiences baffled and less than amused, and utterly bizarre behaviour on a webcam broadcast radio show which was brought to you by #WINNING and gallons of #TIGER BLOOD, the former start of Two and a Half Men disappeared off the radar.

His father, Martin Sheen, expressed public concern over his son’s failing mental health which appeared to be the result (and symptomatic) of a nervous breakdown.

In his defence, Charlie turned it into a terrific money making scheme and proved to the world that if you’re desperate enough, you can garner all the attention you could ever need. Lady Gaga has done well in those stakes too.

Back on TV now, Sheen is enjoying life in Anger Management, albeit with less teeth, and his odd outbursts seem all but forgotten. His long time friend Jon Cryer recently lamented the star’s fall from grace in an interview on the Jeff Probst Show.

Jeff Probst started the ball rolling, “ We laugh at it now but I think everybody sort of; in a way it kind of took over everything. We’re watching a human that we know is a real person that has entertained us for years going through something, we didn’t know what, but we knew it was bad. What did it do to your life?”

To which Cryer responded, “The very worst part of that whole situation was watching a friend of mine, a guy I’ve worked with for many years, become a different person. That’s horrifying to see because you feel like this person that you knew just doesn’t exist anymore.”

And Probst probed, “ And were there gradual signs or was it, all of a sudden something happened?”

There was a few gradual signs, but he still seemed like the same guy. And then all of a sudden it just exploded almost overnight.” Rounded Cryer.

Charlie Sheen #winning
Charlie Sheen #winning

Sheen seemed to become a victim of his battered ego after he was relieved of his position on the hit show Two and a Half Men and set about trying to prove he was bigger than anything else in the world. It was almost as if he was addicted to the attention; that it became a drug to him and ultimately he paid a heavy price for it.

He can at least now shrink back into relative anonymity; as much as is possible for someone as iconic as him, and leave others to hog the limelight while he focuses on just being a comedy actor, always capable of delivering his lines with a calm, almost smarmy, but always cool approach.


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