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Charlie Sheen rant pales into insignificance against the Libyan conflict


A sad indictment of our times has been perfectly highlighted today by the fact that Charlie Sheen’s latest rant is getting more headlines than the plight of the Libyan people who are fighting for their lives and freedom after 42 years of oppression under the despot Qaddafi.

Sheen has been walking a nihilistic path for some time and clearly seems hell-bent on destroying his questionably successful career to leave no trace whatsoever. And that is perhaps the only comparison we can draw between the two events. Sheen’s desire to destroy his empire and the Libyan people’s desire to destroy an empire built by a greedy dictator, that they may live their lives freely with the entitlements they were born to enjoy; a fight made harder by internet and media blackouts.

The end of ‘Two and a Half Men’

CBS are pulling the plug on the series which has run for a decade now, after Sheen’s outburst at writer and executive director Chuck Lorre in which he called him a ‘contaminated little maggot’, failing to see the irony in the accusations levelled at his colleague.

During the interview with evangelist conspiracy preacher Alex Jones, the 45-year old also tore a strip off Alcoholics Anonymous, calling them a ‘bootleg cult’ with only a 5% success rate which pales in comparison to his own 100% rate.

Clearly deluded beyond measure, the drug and alcohol addled film and TV star is following the same path as the much ridiculed Mel Gibson, who also displayed the same self-destructive patterns while suffering with alcoholism.

Sheen’s words have been branded all over the internet this morning so I don’t feel the need to repeat them here. I will however say that I will not miss the smug, unnaturally smooth and ultimately detestable womanising character he portrays on ‘Two and a Half Men’. His egocentric nature is unable to stop itself pouring into the role and I wonder how much of it is fiction – if any.

The show is old and tired, much like the Qaddafi regime in Libya which will also end soon. It’s hard to say how soon the Libyan people will garner their much coveted and well deserved freedom from tyranny, but for Sheen and his out of time show there are only 16 to go. That’s 16 Too many.

Humility vs Capitalism

“It may be lonely up here but I sure like the view, Alex,” said Sheen in his interview with Jones.

Spend as much time as you want up there Charlie, but please be quiet. Perhaps Sheen should cast his eyes east to the current plight of the people there. Thousands of lives lost in conflict to remove a barbarian from control of their country; people who are dodging tanks, machine guns and planes in their bid to oust a totalitarian leadership; people who can not even collect the dead bodies of their fallen loved ones unless they sign a paper to say their relatives were shot by anti-government protestors. Needless to say there have been no funerals in Tripoli for some time.

Perhaps Sheen should step outside of his bubble for a few seconds and realise that opening his mouth about such trivial matters as a grievance with a show writer are nothing compared to the suffering of entire nations.  Then again, I guess earning a reported $2million per episode could distort your view of just about anything.

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