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Charlie Sheen embarrasses himself over Mila Kunis rant


Charlie Sheen’s latest live rant focuses on the increasingly popular Mila Kunis and his devious plot to have her move in with him and the ‘goddesses’ at his Sober Valley Lodge  in Sherman Oaks.

Some call him troubled while others, like me, call him pathetic, and publicly declaring a desire to screw someone is about as childish and desperate as it gets. His behaviour is that of a spoilt child who thinks he can have everything he wants.

Through the Vapid Baguette of Bullshit / Failure Is The Option which is shambling across the States like an injured, limping, pungent destitute, Sheen has spread the word about his machinations when he told his latest audience: “Here’s the good news – my goddesses have already f**king approved her. She’s pre-approved!

Charlie Sheen is looking better these days

“I would have great tolerance for many missing items provided it involves Mila f**king Kunis. If Mila Kunis is stealing your s**t, trust me, you’re still f**king winning, you’re still winning at that moment.”

And the plot thickens as the ageing, greying misogynist explains: “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to go on her Facebook page and discover her likes. I’m going to buy them all and then she can come steal them. A super f**king hot thief named Mila Kunis. ‘Mila, please, we have a warehouse full of your favourite s**t for you to steal in Sherman Oaks’.”

Very intelligent Charlie and I’m sure many teenage boys will be very impressed with your vocal effluent but anyone with an IQ of double figures will see you’re just being a petulant show-off with no respect for women, as proved by the fact you have to pay them to keep you company.

And she doesn’t have a Facebook page.

His previous attempt to juggle three women backfired when his estranged wife Brooke Mueller moved in for a while; the whole thing ending in complete disaster.

“I tried f**king three. It doesn’t work,” boasted the toothless John.

He did add that: “A warlock can manage so many goddesses.”

But only if you pay for them, right Charlie?

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