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Charlie Sheen bombs on opening night of one-man show


The increasingly deranged actor Charlie Sheen Violent started of his one-man show Torpedo Of Truth: Defeat Is Not An Option in Detroit to applause, but withing minutes the audience’s enthusiasm had come to an abrupt end and the room was filled with the sound of hundreds of people booing their hearts out.

At $75 a pop, tickets for the increasingly deranged star’s show didn’t exactly come cheap, but it’s difficult to sympathise with anyone who stormed out, demanding a refund. Are people really foolish enough to expect a good performance from someone who is so clearly not all there upstairs? They essentially paid to witness a disaster and they got what they deserved.

Sheen had promised to tell “the real story” but his opening monologue was telling of the nonsensicle ramblings of a man in serious decline that were to follow: “I am finally here to identify and train the Vatican assassin locked inside each and every one of you,” the 46 year old said, then going on to talk about his “napalm dripping brain” and describing himself as a “giant leaky bag of mayhem.”

“Are any of you as confused by this as I am?” the former Two and a Half Men star asked.

Described by Entertainment Weekly as an “unmitigated disaster”, the show is expected to continue, with the train wreck moving on to Conneticut next week.

Sheen, whose addiction to drugs and mental problems are no secret —  demonstrated time and time again in his erratic behaviour — is set to continue with the show, described by Entertainment Weekly as an “unmitigated disaster”, and people will no doubt turn up in large numbers, to see how much deeper the troubled star can fall.

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