Charlie Chaplin’s time travel video causes internet storm

Something of an internet feeding frenzy is occurring today over a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film which allegedly captures a woman talking on a cell phone outside the premier of his feature flick The Circus.  The woman can be seen entering stage left holding her hand to her face is if cupping a phone to her ear and her lips move as if she is talking.

Debates on forums are raging over many aspects and implications such as whether there is a time travel conspiracy, if time travel is possible, if there was technology available in 1928 that the government has since concealed and even a conspiracy suggesting Chaplin is otherworldly and came to Earth to show us the future.

The woman does indeed appear to be holding something and speaking but the best theory for this is that she has a toothache and is pressing her gums to alleviate the pain.

The video has been analyzed by George Clarke, a young movie fan who spent a year trying to make sense of the images.  Perhaps Mr. Clarke has too much time on his hands, an overactive imagination or a desire for attention.

His conclusions are a little baffling to the sane mind as he suggests that the woman is speaking into a cell phone which is ‘irrefutable proof’ that time travel is possible.  The fact that you can’t see a cell phone could call that into question.

It’s very entertaining to spend time exploring conspiracies, but the conspiracy about all conspiracies is that they are designed as a distraction to keep our minds off real issues and troubles in the world such a famine, war, oil shortages, economic war and social collapse.

The debate over Chaplin’s film will no doubt rage on but for now, watch the video below and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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38 thoughts on “Charlie Chaplin’s time travel video causes internet storm

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  4. hand held walky talky? brocken headphones (only one side so she had to hold it up). but the conspirisy theorists will dismiss anything that does not say time travel, so it does not matter what it really was.

    • I’m guessing you’re young and dumb or just dumb, hand held walkie talkie in 1928? Headphones in 1928? If u wanted to talk to someone or listen to music u were stuck standing at home, nothing was mobile back then.

  5. Gotta love the constant propaganda thrown at us even on random websites. To say that this is distracting us from what is really important in the world? Based on whose opinion? The govt? The church? Makes me think there’s more truth to this than people want us to believe. Besides the 9/11 conspiracy theories seem pretty solid to me, the govt story sounds like the distraction, but sadly americans are too fat and dumb to see it

  6. OK first of all… do you remember how big cell phones were in the ’80’s? Let alone how big they would have to be in the 20’s. So NO not a government conspiracy we would be able to see a 1928 cell phone from space! Second of all a time travelers cell phone. Say for the sake of argument a cell network was setup in 1928 there is NO WAY a technology from today would be compatible with that… in the past decade we’ve already had CDMA, 3G and now 4G… THINK

    • I think the impression was that it was a modern cell phone, but unless the phone connects thru time would be hard to make a call, unless they sent a sattelite back with it. I did laugh when I visualized the size of a cell phone in 1928 lol. Not that I think the farther u go back the bigger something is, but I inagined a cell phone the size of a cell, a prison cell, lol

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  10. Well, at least we know it’s not an iPhone – otherwise she would be losing the signal, stopping in her tracks, checking the # of bars and cursing like a longshoreman because the iPhone WON’T BE ABLE TO HOLD A F*#&ING SIGNAL IN THE FUTURE, EITHER!

  11. “Doctor? Hello, Doctor? You’ve left me in 1928 again, you wanker! I don’t care if you’re in the middle of a Dalek invasion in 2112 you had better get back here before I start telling people what to invest in……”

  12. Hey, in the Matrix they used Pay-Phones to connect with their ship… Cell phones are more advanced than pay phones (which are mighty hard to even find anymore BTW) –Just sayin’

  13. Sorry, but the supplier of the film needs to do more research on early electrical (battery) hearing devices for the hearing impaired. It took me five minutes to find these devices on the internet and some are as small as an ipod, hand held, square and look very much like a small portable radio or camera. Yes, in the twenties. I don’t see any mystery in this film…talking to someone? perhaps themselves. With such poor quality film, about 3 seconds per frame, one can come up with whatever they want to imagine….but for me its no time-traveler….

  14. This video is SOO easy to explain.

    First, the lady is holding a hand wallet…a small formal purse…my grandmother had several of these 4×8 formal little hand bags.

    Second, watch the video….she’s obviously henpecking and chewing out her husband…the man who storms through the scene ahead of her. He rushes through the scene angry and determined. She, being aware of the camera across the street, holds her handbag up to hide her face as she is chewing his butt out while following behind him. She is obviously angry at him as evidenced by how agressively she is clutching her wallet…and the fact she won’t stop yelling at him.

    Marital bliss…circa 1928…

  15. It may be a hoax–perhaps the whole clip is not really from that movie at all, maybe the person in the clip was photoshopped or spliced into the clip in some way, or maybe she was just talking to herself or chewing gum or talking to someone off camera.

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  17. I was there that day of filming & CLEARLY remember her not carrying a cell phone. I think she did have a beeper tho..but couldn’t find a phone bank. The place was not very pager friendly. Gotta love those 1920’s. Dang phone service back then was TERRIBLE. Terrible I tell you!!

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  21. Let us assume for a moment that the person in the clip IS a time traveller from the future. Let us instead ask the questions. Why would a time traveller want to come back in time? For what reason, and for what purpose? My own theory is that these travellers are observing history in the making. Think of 10 historically public moments from the 20th century. See if there is any historical film footage available to observe and study. Make a close study and see if you can spot a time traveller. For example, the assasination of Lee Harvey Oswald. A very public affair. The liberation of Paris in WW2. Well documented by newsreel. There are many such examples. I guess the most recent in this decade would be 9/11. It’s probably a hearing aid battery though 🙂

  22. Save these important clips, and similar ones, for this fail proof test. If the time traveler disappears, or if new ones appear suddenly – then we may have a time traveler!

  23. She was not talking on a cell phone here. She was talking on a woogie, which hasn’t been invented yet. But it will be. Soon. Maybe. You may never learn about it, but your children’s children will be using one all the time!

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  25. Anyone else notice the insane size of the ‘womans’ feet? Easier to see on a different youtube video but there was me thinking I had big feet for a woman. They’re enormous and rather manly..

  26. She’s actually a dimensional traveler which explains why there’s no need for cel towers. She’s on the line with her agent asking about better movie roles. Look closely…you can see her mouth the words: “Where the Money!?”

  27. neither men who shot the video, nor the women knew or seen each other. they only discovered her on the tape long after they could find out who she was. i still can see such shoes here in dubai, lots of them. there was a time few years back when everyone wore huge ridiculous shoes. i’m sure this women is seen back in there but actually lives in here among us. and i dont give no shet if you do or dont believe in what i say.

  28. actually this women handles hearing acoustique aid, they were common those times. obviously, there is someone on the left, out of range of camera who gives her instructions on how and where to go, while she can’t hear the instructions very well, she is shy and nearly lost, all of which can easily be felt as if we were in her/his! shoes. time travel is needed only for us who live in the future wastelands. to those who could truly travel back and forth it is not as important as for us to dig into forgotten and used up a shet. why would any of you go back or worse, forth? to confirm that you or all of us as a matter of fact are complete fuckups and worst among the worst animals? no need to travel anywhere.

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