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Charlie Chaplin’s time travel video causes internet storm


Something of an internet feeding frenzy is occurring today over a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film which allegedly captures a woman talking on a cell phone outside the premier of his feature flick The Circus.  The woman can be seen entering stage left holding her hand to her face is if cupping a phone to her ear and her lips move as if she is talking.

Debates on forums are raging over many aspects and implications such as whether there is a time travel conspiracy, if time travel is possible, if there was technology available in 1928 that the government has since concealed and even a conspiracy suggesting Chaplin is otherworldly and came to Earth to show us the future.

The woman does indeed appear to be holding something and speaking but the best theory for this is that she has a toothache and is pressing her gums to alleviate the pain.

The video has been analyzed by George Clarke, a young movie fan who spent a year trying to make sense of the images.  Perhaps Mr. Clarke has too much time on his hands, an overactive imagination or a desire for attention.

His conclusions are a little baffling to the sane mind as he suggests that the woman is speaking into a cell phone which is ‘irrefutable proof’ that time travel is possible.  The fact that you can’t see a cell phone could call that into question.

It’s very entertaining to spend time exploring conspiracies, but the conspiracy about all conspiracies is that they are designed as a distraction to keep our minds off real issues and troubles in the world such a famine, war, oil shortages, economic war and social collapse.

The debate over Chaplin’s film will no doubt rage on but for now, watch the video below and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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