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Celine Dion denies reports of pregnancy complications


The recent news of Celine Dion being in hospital due to pregnancy complications has been termed false in a report published in She is expecting twins in November and is going through a healthy pregnancy.

A French tabloid recently reported that Celine was rushed to the hospital due to some complications in her pregnancy. Celine’s representatives have said that the news was fabricated, and that she has absolutely not been in hospital due to any problem. She is currently in her third trimester and is very healthily pregnant with her twin boys, and is feeling fantastic.

A report published in says that Celine has gained 33lbs and is using acupuncture to help her cope well with her pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies.

These are the final two months of her pregnancy and she has been strictly following the orders of her doctor to tread easily through the time. Her next show will take place in Caesars Palace next year when Celine returns to Las Vegas. Her doctors have advised her to take proper rest and be off her feet for most of the time so that her pregnancy goes off well.

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