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Celebrity hangover cures for the festive season


The festive season usually goes hand-in-hand with being over-indulgent and hangovers are often an unwelcome consequence of our excesses. Many of us are familiar with the pounding headache, queasy stomach, spinning, weakness and sometimes even vomitting that follow after a night of tucking into the bottle.

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, so is the dreaded accompanying hangover. The cause is simple: too much alcohol, which poisons several parts of the body and leaves the drinker dehydrated and with a host of nasty symptoms.

Although medically there is no real cure for a hangover, we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at some of the remedies the party-loving celebrity crowd turn to to ease the pains of a boozy night.

Nigella Lawson: “What works for me after excessive drinking is what I call a Brian. A mixture of a Berocca (fizzy supplement) and Spatone (iron supplement). If that doesn’t work I add to the mix some Solpadeine.” Another hangover cure for the domestic goddess is the “Prairie Oyster” which consists of an egg yolk, tabasco, worcester sauce, brandy and vinegar –  to  be swallowed in one gulp!

Kate Winslet: A sausage and bacon sandwich usually does it for me. I also have a big glass of orange juice and a cup of sugary tea. The combination of vitamins and sugar perks me up.

Kylie Minogue: “It has to be egg sandwiches. I love them.”

Dannii Minogue: “My perfect hangover cure is putting a scraping of vegemite and grated cheese on toast and then grilling it.”

Cameron Diaz: Grease is the only cure for a hangover. My hangover remedy is a sandwich packed with bacon, and a beer. The beer acts as a great hair of the dog.

Daniel Craig: “You’re best off sweating it out after a heavy night out. If I really can’t force myself to work out and get my body moving, a stint in the sauna is the way to go to get rid of a hangover.”

Kirsty Gallagher: “If I do get a hangover I drink loads of water and eat every hour. I also take a vitamin B supplement called Berocca.”

What will you be doing to soothe your potentially fragile body on 1 January 2011?

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