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Celebrity fitness trainer Pat Manocchia shares tips on Howard Stern Show


Pat Manocchia, the personal trainer every celebrity wants to have,  went on the Howard Stern Show and dished up some advise on how to get in shape for the new year.

The man behind Madonna’s bulging biceps and also Stern’s personal trainer — who Stern refers to as the “manliest man he knows — was promoting his latest book “Anatomy of Strength Training: The Five Esential Exercises” on the radio host’s show.

“Your body only does five things. Five – that’s it,” the fitness guru said.

“You bend a joint. You extend a joint. You pull it away from your body. You pull it in. You rotate it.”

Manocchia is huge on the celebrity circuit, responsible for helping over 200 big names — including stars like Liam Neeson, JFK Junior and John McEnroe — to get buffed up.

Of course not everyone can afford to dish out the annual fee of around $8000 dollars to have the celebrity fitness trainer whip you into shape, but for those of you wishing to tone up a bit before Christmas and avoid the pricey gym membership, his new book is a far more affordable option.

The fact that he was Madonna’s personal trainer for almost a decade has to say something about the success of his methods. And what makes him a little more approachable is knowing that he understands that we are all human and can slip up from time to time. According to, Manocchia said: “I’m not going to crucify somebody for having a Big Mac.”

“You can’t eat perfectly every single meal. It just doesn’t work like that.

“The objective is to do the best you can and make smart choices.

“And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make a smart choice.”

You can order your copy of “Anatomy of Strength Training, The Five Esential Exercises” here.

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