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Celebrities offer support to Japan via Twitter after new quake hits


Japan has once again been hit by another earthquake of 7.1 mag with lesser aftershocks reported since. The quake occurred to the east of the country. Celebrities have taken to Twitter to show their support.


While tsunami warnings have been issued and workers at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant have been evacuated as a precaution, nothing as devastating as the previous tsunami which virtually reshaped part of the coast is expected.


While certain ‘news’ outlets are forecasting disaster in order to sell their stories, the truth is a lot less drastic than might appear from headlines. One person living in Japan said that the quake “shook a few shelves” but nothing more and certainly no sign of the 50cm harbour wave that was supposed to hit.


Nicky Hilton as tweeted her support for Japan

None-the-less a few celebrities have been aiming their support towards Japan via Twitter which must make the Japanese people feel so much better.


Big names such as Nicky Hilton said: “Everyone send good vibes to Japan!”


Nice sentiment Nicky but perhaps we could stop when they’re busy killing dolphins and whales.


Alyssa Milano tweeted:  “7.4 quake hits Japan, tsunami expected


And Ann Curry joined in with: “NBCNews: Japan’s meteorological agency lifts tsunami warning for today’s quake, which is downgraded to a 7.1.”


It’s great that celebrities are showing some kind of support and spreading the word but what Japan needs right now is humanitarian support and aid delivered to the communities which were affected most severely, still without electricity and heating and too far for aid trucks to make return journeys.


In fairness Japan is having a horrible time of it at the moment but the country is situated on the famous ‘Ring Of Fire’, a notoriously volatile fault which causes seismic activity on a regular basis.


Despite the best efforts of Japanese architects and their ‘quake-proof’ buildings, nothing can really withstand the absolute force of nature and as things stand Mother Nature seems to be scratching at an itch with some ferocity.

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