Catherine Zeta-Jones ‘furious’ about Michael’s late cancer diagnosis

News of Michael Douglas’ cancer diagnosis spread like wildfire through the international media: The 65-year-old is battling Stage 4 throat cancer. Having immediately begun his radiation and chemotherapy, Michael made an appearance last week on ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’, in which he explained that he’d been to see several doctors over the course of the summer, all of whom told him nothing was wrong.
Nothing was wrong despite all of the symptoms he was presenting, which included, among many, a sore throat and difficulty speaking and swallowing. In early August one doctor decided to do a biopsy, and then diagnosed the actor with Stage 4 cancer, which Michael himself described as “intense”.

Watching a loved one go through an ordeal like this is certainly tough, and many were quick to understand his wife when she recently vocalized her anger towards the doctors that missed the grave diagnosis.

“It makes me furious they didn’t detect it earlier,” CBS News quotes Catherine Zeta-Jones as telling People magazine. “He sought every option and nothing was found.

“I know maybe I should be stronger, but emotionally I just don’t want to see that. The hardest part is seeing his fatigue, because Michael is never tired.”

Michael is currently undergoing an 8-week regiment of radiation and chemotherapy. Doctors have said Michael has an 80% chance of beating the cancer – a number he hopes will increase as treatment continues.

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8 thoughts on “Catherine Zeta-Jones ‘furious’ about Michael’s late cancer diagnosis

  1. I can understand her anger. Throat pain and ear pain and a history of smoking and heavy alcohol use….cardinal signs of throat cancer. Apparently, he sought medical attention for this and didn’t get it. So much for “the best medical care in the world” even when one has unlimited resources and is a VIP kind of patient. Should have had MRIs, Cat Scans, Esophageal biopsies, if nothing else, to simply rule it out….or to diagnose it earlier.

    • It’s insane when you’re the one who has to tell the doctor what is wrong with you, and keep insisting there is something wrong with you so that you will get the appropriate tests done. And something like Stage 4 cancer is so severe and serious, that really should not be overlooked, especially with, as you said, the symptoms that were presented. Guess you’ve just got to listen to your body, you are, after all, the one that knows it best.

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  4. She doesn’t even go to treatments with him-says she doesn’t want to see him like that. What a sorry excuse for a wife. What if it were her child? Woman up and get your ass over there and hold his hand. Don’t you think he is scared? For better/worse-duh? It’s hard-I know personally, but I can’t imaging putting myself/feelings. before the person with cancer.

  5. A prayer goes out tonight for Micheal and Catherine and family I hope you beat this Micheal your a great! Man Sincerly Joseph

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