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'Candy Licker' Marvin Sease dies aged 64


News has surfaced this morning that underground legend of the Southern chitlin circuit in the ’80s Marvin Sease has died. His lustful and uncompromisingly sexual lyrics made him a popular act, and his musical career spanned almost two decades. He was eight days short of his 65th birthday when he passed away.

According to various reports Sease was at Vicksburg, Mississippi when he died and although most stories cite pneumonia as the cause of death, no official cause has been released as yet.

Marvin’s career path was laid out before him at an early age when he began as a humble gospel singer involved with a range of groups, and by the age of 20 he had upped sticks and left home for New York where he joined the Gospel Crowns.

Despite his love of the Gospel scene he wanted more from music and soon decided that forming his own R&B band was the way forward, so with his three brothers in tow he created “Sease.”

With the band under way, the South Carolina born singer wrote an eponymous album which was released on his own “Early” label. The track list contained one of his most popular tracks, “Ghetto Man,” which was eventually reissued on the London/Mercury label, that signed Sease in 1987.

His career defining point came during the re-released “Marvin Sease” era, which was given extra kudos with the addition of a 10-minute track called, “Candy Licker.” Due to its content the song received virtually no airplay, but the lyrics left nothing to the imagination though a thinly veiled double-entendre, and the song was an absolute hit. After that Sease took Candy Licker as his stage name.

His music never hit the heights in chart positions, and his celebrity status never elevated to the same levels as some of his contemporaries but the cult soul star’s funk driven, sex charged songs set his self defined style in stone, and he was always a top attraction on the black club circuit.

His discography covers almost 20 albums released through major labels like London /Mercury, Jive and Silvertone. His last release in 2008, “Who’s Got the Power” was published by the Mississippi-based R&B indie label Malaco.

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