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Nancy Reagan won fight with breast cancer


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From an actress to the First Lady of the United States of America through her husband Ronald, she transitioned beautifully from one varied role to the next. Establishing trends, openly and actively supporting causes and standing strong in the face of challenges, Nancy Reagan was never far away from the news.

She was involved in the renovation of the white house, wore elegant fashion and displayed incredible grace and was been a terrific influence on the stuttering, almost bumbling Ronald Reagan. It is said that through her indomitable spirit she played a vital role in shaping his life.

A fantastic communicator and a great actress, Nancy Reagan championed the ‘Just Say No’ drug awareness campaign in 1982. She involved herself in a huge array of social campaigns which helped the unemployed, poverty stricken masses and those affected by family dissolution.

In early 1989, after the Reagan’s presidential reign came to an end, she formed the Nancy Reagan foundation to educate people about the ill-effects of consuming drugs.

Nancy Reagan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987
Nancy Reagan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987

It was in the year 1987 that she was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram turned up a growth. Under the guidance of her doctors she immediately underwent major surgery to have her malignant breast removed, their opinion being that a mastectomy would triumph over a lumptectomy. Like Betty Ford, her public battle with breast cancer led women across the United States to get mammograms done, hence raising the nationwide awareness of breast cancer even more.

After former President Ronald Reagan passed away in 2004 through ten years of suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, she carried his vision forward with immense pride and fortitude. Of late Nancy Reagan’s health has been an area of concern and even though she may seem dogged down by the various ailments that plague her she still constantly aids others in their time of need. At 91 she still continues to work with the same tenacity that saw her through every obstacle she has ever faced, all for the good of her society. Hers is a story of determination and conviction; a true warrior soul.

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