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Michael Douglas – tumour gone


Michael Douglas

Five months after being diagnosed with late-stage throat cancer, Michael Douglas is confident that he has beaten the disease and that the tumor has gone.

“The odds are, with the tumour gone and what I know about this particular type of cancer, that I’ve got it beat,” the actor told Matt Lauer in an appearance on NBC’s Today show.

Despite the positive news, Douglas’s doctors have warned the oscar-winning actor that the cancer could still return. “I have to check on a monthly basis to maintain,” Douglas confided. “I guess there’s not a total euphoria. I’ll probably take a couple of months of getting checked out. But it’s been a wild six-month ride.”

The actor, who is 66-years old, was left looking emaciated after he went down to just 140 pounds after undergoing a grueling course of radiation and chemotherapy.

And with his health on the mend, Douglas is already preparing for his next role as the flamboyant pianist Liberace in Stephen Soderbergh’s upcoming biopic.

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