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Michael Douglas does not have three months to live


Michael Douglas

Images of Michael Douglas recently appeared in The National Enquirer in which the actor looked exceptionally frail and emaciated, suggesting that the Wallstreet star  – who has been diagnosed with cancer, might not have long to live.

A representative for the actor spoke out against any reports that the star might be ailing, telling the speculation is “really disgusting”. He went on to say that despite the cancer, Douglas is far from dying, and is adamant that he “will kick this thing”.

The veteran actor was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer in the summer and has recently undergone an eight-week course of aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy to deal with a tumor in his throat.

One of the side-effects of the treatment is that the Hollywood star has lost his sense of taste, although he clearly hasn’t lost his spirit and is already looking forward to a glass of his favorite alcoholic tipple: “A lot of my energy has gone and I have increased soreness in my mouth. But overall I feel good. And I’m rather looking forward to enjoying a good glass of wine when I get my taste buds back again.”

Douglas has been defying the ravages of the disease, continuing to walk his 7-year-old daughter to school and also visiting his 31-year-old son, Cameron, who is currently serving a  five year prison sentence for drug charges.

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