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Jane Fonda's cancer scare


Young Jane Fonda

Actress and fitness guru Jane Fonda is recovering from an operation to remove a cancerous growth from one of her breasts and is already in good spirits.

According to Fonda, who is most famous for her role in sixties sci-fi classic Barbarella, she is lucky that the scare wasn’t more serious, and she was full of praise for her doctors who managed to spot the problem early.

She underwent surgery after her doctor discovered a small “non-invasive” tumor during a routine general health check back in October.

The actress who still looks beautiful despite being 72 years of age,has been given a clean bill of health after her physician assured her that she is now free of cancer, which is all thanks to the early diagnosis.

The following post appeared on her official website at the weekend, “As the press has reported… I had a scare with a non-invasive breast cancer but it is ALL OUT NOW! I am so lucky. We got it early and it was, as I said, non-invasive. I want to thank my friends and fans who have written beautiful letters. It has meant a lot to me.”

The Oscar winning actress is already promoting her latest fitness DVD, proof that she’s back on track health-wise, and ready to inspire others in their fight against their own health issues, once again.

Go Jane!

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