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Cameron Diaz and acne


Model turned actress Cameron Diaz has been battling with acne ever since she was a teenager. The voice of Fiona in animated classic “Shrek” is said to be self-conscious about the scarring on her face resulting from the condition.

The acclaimed beauty even refused to attend the London premiere of her 2003 film “Gangs Of New York” due to an outbreak, according to The Sun. Exploding Cigar cited the newsprovider, saying that Diaz, who plays pick-pocket Jenny Everdeane in the movie, admitted to having a problem with pimples.

Several online sources, including Defamer, have also pointed out that the Charlie’s Angels star will soon be up against yet another challenge in trying to cover up her bad skin. The evolution and increasing popularity of high definition viewing will mean make-up artists and editors will have to work even harder to make her face appear flawless. Other celebrities who have reportedly battled with acne include singers Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry.

Other celebrities suffering from skin problems include singers LeAnn Rimes and Seal.

Attribution: Caroline Bonarde Ucci

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