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Brooke Mueller is in intensive care


Charlie Sheen was granted special permission by a judge to see his wife, Brooke, in hospital. The 32-year-old mother of his twins reportedly checked herself into the intensive care unit at a Sherman Oaks, California, hospital, after undergoing oral surgery.

Brooke’s mom has told People that it was a “close call”, but that her daughter is responding well to antibiotics. Brooke is reportedly also suffering pneumonia in both of her lungs.

“Brooke came in at the very last minute because sepsis from an infection following surgery for her impacted wisdom tooth had invaded her system, and her organs were starting to shut down,” her mom, Moira Fiore said. “Today her lungs, kidney and liver functions look better. But doctors are still worried about her low blood pressure.”

Charlie’s visit to her in hospital was especially granted by a judge following his arrest in Colorado on Christmas day. According to US Magazine Charlie was arrested on suspicion of felony menacing, second-degree assault and criminal mischief after a domestic dispute, in which Brooke claimed he threatened her with a knife. According to the terms of the protection order, the pair are not to see each other before they are in court to settle the matter of whether the protective order should be extended or eliminated.

Charlie’s lawyer, however, says this is all unnecessary. “They’re very much in love, and they want to try to work it out,” attorney Yale Galenter told Us. “I think they had a really bad day, which is probably an understatement, but they need their privacy and they need some time.”

Brooke’s mom also said: “They are a perfect couple when neither of them is drinking.”

What will come of the pair remains to be seen. Fact is, however, this isn’t the first time Charlie, 44, has been in trouble with the law in regards to domestic violence with his partner. He famously “accidentally” show ex-girlfriend Kelly Preston in the arm in 1990, and his divorce from Bond Girl Denise Richards in 2005 became messy when details like the fact he reportedly threatened to kill her and mentally and physically abused her surfaced.

Charlie Sheen has also battled addictions to drug, alcohol and sex.

Other celebrities who have battled addiction include Johnny CashDrew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan and Mickey Rourke, to name only a few.

Another celebrity who has battled pneumonia is Nicole Richie.

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