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Brittany Murphy reportedly suffered from a heart problem


In an interview with People Magazine, Brittany Murphy’s husband of three years, Simon Monjack claimed she heart condition called mitral valve prolapse, also known as a heart murmur. While Monjack maintains the condition was minor, many are left wondering whether this might have contributed to her death. Brittany did, after all, die of cardiac arrest.

Mitral valve prolapse is the most common condition affecting the hearts valves, with about five to 10 percent of the global population suffering from it. Mitral valve prolapse is a condition where the heart valves, that click together when the heart’s ventricles contract, become inflamed, and drop into the lower ventricle. The valve’s main duty is to prevent a backflow of blood. This condition, however, allows some of the blood to flow back. It can lead to heart failure.

Initial autopsy reports, however, maintain that Brittany’s body was “normal”, and that there was nothing visibly wrong with it. It would almost be safe to assume her heart condition isn’t what caused the 32-year-old actress to go into cardiac arrest.

The coroner has ordered toxicology reports, as well as thorough analyses of the organs and brain, to be conducted. Results are expected in four to six weeks.

Her mother found Brittany unresponsive in the shower on Sunday in her Los Angeles home. The ‘Clueless’ and ‘8 Mile’ actress was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai hospital.

Other celebrities who died in 2009 include Stephen Gately, Casey Johnson, Adam Goldstein and Michael Jackson.


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