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Britney Spears enlisted help of hypnotist to quit smoking


Whether it is Yoga or a book, stars are planning to get rid of harmful habits just to breathe that fresh air again. A “guru-like trance man” Paul McKenna is also trying to help famous singing sensation Britney Spears in smoking cessation as he helped Price Harry of Wales. The ‘Toxic’ hit maker, 27, was in Britain and met with McKenna to kick her habit in 2004.

Radio DJ-turned-hypnotist McKenna has previously helped fellow celebrities, including rocker Roger Daltrey, Robbie Williams and Sarah Ferguson with the help of his book ‘Quit Smoking Now’.

Spears confessed that she was trying to cut back the amount of cigarettes she was smoking because she wanted to be able to give her audience an amazing show by rocking the stage, and, with cigarettes, this seemed impossible.

Smoking, whether first or second-hand, must have a huge affect on the star’s performance. Spears pulled the plug 15 minutes into her performance during her sold-out Circus tour in Vancouver because there was too much cigarette smoke coming from the audience. Spears was told to quit smoking by Madonna, a close friend and an idol, but Britney said that she liked the way cigarettes made her voice sound.

The singer tried a few months back to get her career back on track. And finally she has successfully completed a month long program in rehab. She checked herself into Promises Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Facility after a severe battle with depression, which saw her behaving strangely in public.(Read more about Britney’s battle with depression and addictions)

Now that her career is back on track, it seems Britney has kicked the nasty habit as well. Why, just recently, when she was booking a hotel room for a stay in London, she demanded she get a room in which nobody had ever smoked before.

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