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Brancusi's Kiss honoured in Google Doodle


Google is celebrating sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s 135th anniversary with a portrayal of his greatest works, including The Kiss, in its Doodle.

Brancusi was born in Romania in 1876 and studied in Bucharest before moving to Paris in 1904. He spent over 50 years in the French capital and died there in 1957.

He produced over 215 sculptures by the time of his death and went on to become one of the founding figures of modern sculpture. He is also said to be one of the most original artists the 20th century has seen, according to the Metro.

His works, particularly carvings, apparently brought abstractism and primivitism into the medium of sculpture for the first time. He worked with various materials, including limestone, marble, bronze and wood. His pieces were considered to be just as important as Pablo Picasso’s in establishing the modern art era.

Apart from Picasso, Brancusi had many other influential friends, including sculptor Auguste Rodin, Man Ray and Henri Rousseau.

Romania’s Communist government turned down the collection bequeathed to it on his death, and instead it was the French government who benefited from part of his body of work, according to the Mirror. Many of his creations have since gone on to make record sums at auctions.

Danaide set the high mark at $18million in 2002 and in 2009 Madame L.R. fetched an extraordinary $37.1million.

Today’s Google Doodle showcases some of Brancusi’s popular works. They reflect all variety of the materials he used, illustrating works in stone, bronze and wood – all spelling out Google. They include Brancusi’s Promethues Bound, Sleeping Muse, Mademoiselle Pogany, The Kiss and Bird in Space – the sculpture used to make the ‘l’ of the Doodle, which sold in 2005 for $27.45million.

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Images: Google and Wikimedia Commons

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