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Boyzone member Stephen Gately smoked cannabis the night he died


More information about the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately are beginning to surface. Just days after it was revealed the star may have had a heart condition he didn’t know about, authorities reportedly found traces of cannabis in his body.

Media reports have stated the two men who were with Gately and who found him, his civil partner Andrew Cowley and Bulgarian friend Georgi Dochev, confirmed to investigators during interviewst hat Gately had in fact smoked cannabis.

A source told Majorca’s Ultima Hora newspaper: “The relationship between this drug consumption and the death of the singer will now have to be determined by new analyses.”

This information comes after it was confirmed Gately had consumed alcohol after a night out partying at a gay bar. The initial autopsy report indicated Gately died of a pulmonary edema – fluid in the lungs – which quickly led many media outlets to assume he passed away after choking on his own vomit.

His mother, Margaret, however, claims she believes Gately may have had a heart condition he was unaware of, as many family members have suffered from one.

Stephen’s mother Margaret reportedly told a family friend: “As soon as I head he had died I knew it was a heart problem. It has lifted a huge burden off our family’s shoulders.”

The question that remains to be answered is whether cannabis may have played a role in his death if he really was suffering from a heart condition.

Gately was holidaying on the Spanish island of Majorca when his body was found on Saturday. After a wake tonight, his body will be buried by close friends and family in Ireland tomorrow.

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The image was taken and posted by Michelle Woolnough. It is of Gately performing with Boyzone in London in May 2009.  (

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