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Boxer Christy Martin shot and stabbed by husband


Famous female boxer Christy Martin was hospitalised on Tuesday night with serious injuries to her torso and leg. She claims her husband, Jim Martin, shot and stabbed her.

Christy flagged down a motorist in Orange Country, Florida at around 6.45 pm, according to Fox News. The driver took her to a local hospital, where doctors tended to her injuries.

The 42-year-old was conscious and immediately told police that her 66-year-old husband and trainer, James “Jim“ Martin, was responsible for inflicting the injuries. The pair had allegedly had a fight at their Apopka home and Christy was able to leave in order to seek help after being stabbed.

Police did not find Jim at home, but did see evidence of a violent struggle, the LA Times reports. The authorities continue to look for the ex-boxer, who is described as being 5 foot 10 inches tall, weighing165 pounds, white, bald and brown-eyed.

Deputies are now allegedly concerned that Jim may be a hazard to himself. A caller, whose name has not been disclosed, had reportedly contacted the Sheriff’s office earlier to say that Jim was distraught over the relationship with his wife and suicidal. The caller added that there were weapons inside the house.

As a result, at 1pm police were sent to the couple’s home, but found Jim to be neither suicidal nor despondent. Just 6 hours later they were once again dispatched to the residence after Christy had turned up in hospital with shot and stab wounds.

Christy Martin, who was born Christy Salters, has previously been described as a key figure in legitimizing women’s participation in the sport of boxing. She began fighting at age 21 and gained fame in the 1990s with a long string of wins. She even famously appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Fox News reports.

The star was nicknamed “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” and was scheduled to participate in the biggest fight in women’s boxing history on June 30, 2005. She was to face Lucia Rijker, who had appeared in the Academy Award-winning film “Million Dollar Baby,” in Las Vegas. The winner would get a $1 million prize.

However, just a few weeks before the highly anticipated fight, Rijker pulled out and the event was cancelled, never to be rescheduled.

Martin had an outstanding career record of 49-5 with three draws and 31 Knockouts. Her last fight was on Sept. 2, 2009, when she won a majority decision over Dakota Stone in 10 rounds.

Jim Martin had, in recent years, begun to express concern over his wife’s safety in the ring. In September 2005 and October 2006, Christy Martin lost a pair of boxing matches by decision. She fought again on June 2, 2007, just weeks before turning 39.

Prior to the fight, Jim Martin told the Orlando Sentinel that he wanted his wife to retire as a professional boxer, the LA Times cites.

“If I had my way about it, she’d hang ’em up today,” Jim is reported as saying. “But I can just say so much.”

In recent years, Christy and her husband had been operating a boxing gym in their local area and training amateur boxers.

Other athletes who have previously been hospitalised include cyclist Lance Armstrong, swimmer Michael Phelps, boxer Muhammad Ali and tennis star Venus Williams.

Images: Wikimedia Commons

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