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Blues singer Etta James suffering from leukemia and dementia


Iconic singer Etta James, 72, is gravely ill, diagnosed with dementia and undergoing treatment for leukemia.

In documents filed at a California court, her husband Artis Mills has claimed his wife is not capable of managing her finances and Dr. Elaine James also added in the documents that the singer cannot sign her name and that she needs help with feeding, dressing and hygiene.

“The news came to light in a civil case between the 72-year-old star’s husband and her son, who disagree on who should manage more than $1 million that is being put away for James’ home-health costs,” reports The Press-Enterprise.

“Artis Mills, her husband of 41 years, wants control of the money, but son Donto James is asking the court to assign the duty to a third party, to avoid present and future family conflict and descrepancies.”

The legendary At Last singer, who has battled heroin addiction,  has been out of the public eye since early 2010 when she was admitted to hospital.  She became ill while in a detox clinic for treatment to an addiction to painkillers and other medicines.

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Images: PR Photos and Wikimedia Commons

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